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Website Architect:

Key job duties include: Manage, design, maintain and develop website and web applications. Configure
website based on defined user requirements. Create visually appealing sites that have user-friendly design.
UI and UX web design using standards compliant web design tools and web-based technologies such as
Hypertext markup language HTML, XHTML, Flash, Cascading Style Sheets CSS, AJAX, and other
XML based applications; Adobe ColdFusion; CSS; JavaScript; Xara Web Designer Pro, Dreamweaver,
Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat) and standards compliant web design
tools. Develop creative strategy, designs, and execute layouts to extend branding and programmatic
marketing to an interactive audience. Generate and update website content (products, content,
promotions). Maintain, monitor and store products ordering and shipping data. Manage relationships with
product reviewers, forum writers, ad agencies. Manage and improve SEO (Google AdWords, Amazon
FBA, etc.) Develop online marketing campaigns (website, email, FB, YouTube, forum, SEO, product
review, and eCommerce), and analyze and improve using online marketing analytics. Create, design and
manage social media and E-commerce accounts to promote company's brand and products.
Must have Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering or related, plus at least 24
months’ full-time, paid experience as a Systems Analyst, Web Developer, or related. Will accept Masters
in Systems Engineering, Computer Science, or related as equivalent to Bachelor’s plus 2 years.


If interested, please mail resume to Operations Manager, Shemshad Food Products Inc., 3047 Rosslyn
Street, Los Angeles, CA 90065.